Did you know?

Most counter terrorist financing law and policy has little or negligible impact on terrorist groups.

Terrorists interact with not only criminal organizations but also legitimate - and often well known - businesses.

Wealth can actually lead militants to give up violence.

Counter terrorist financing (CTF) efforts are potent (and cost-effective) counterterrorism tools, but only if correctly designed and implemented.



Understanding Terrorist Finance provides powerful new insights into the financial and economic realities of terrorist groups.  Dispelling popular myths, the book presents the first unified coherent framework for the systematic analysis of terrorist finance and includes empirical studies of the financing of groups in Europe, Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East. 

Wittig finds that the activities typically represented as 'terrorist finance', such as donations, criminal activities and weapons procurement, ought to be understood in terms of how terrorist groups – as socio-political actors – access and interact with flows of economic value rather than as elements of an illicit financial edifice supposedly underpinning global terrorism. 

The book represents a significant contribution to both research and practice.



One of the "top books on terrorism and counterterrorism." - Perspectives on Terrorism

One of the "discipline's pre-eminent books...[Wittig] presents a comprehensive framework to analyze how terrorist groups go about financing their activities...especially noteworthy are tables that estimate the cost of various types of terrorist operations and the impact of real-world counter-terrorist financing regimes on terrorist groups’ illicit economic activities."  - Joshua Sinai (Virginia Tech) in Perspectives on Terrorism

"Wittig offers a sweeping appraisal of the field....His book provides a welcome critique of the conceptual foundations and assumptions within terrorist financing research." - Peter Romaniuk (John Jay College of Criminal Justice) in The RUSI Journal

"Very clear and precise in its treatment of the concepts, myths and assumptions that underpin current counter terrorist finance efforts, and the realities with which they are methodically replaced." - Kerwin Datu (London School of Economics) in LSE Review of Books



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